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Royal Ascot Morning Suit Dress Code

Added 1 year ago

Historic Royal Ascot is one of the highlights of summer’s social calendar, attracting avid race goers, prestigious members of society and the Royal family. If you’re lucky enough to be attending Ascot’s Royal Enclosure this June, it’s so important to get their strict morning suit dress code right! Read on to find out the dos and don’ts and how to standout as the epitome of elegance.


Steeped in British tradition, Ascot’s strict dress code, has remained unchanged for centuries. Get the royal enclosure dress code wrong and you can be refused entry.  To save your blushes and avoid an expensive dress code blunder simply follow our Ascot Royal Enclosure morning suit dress code.

Royal Ascot Enclosure Dress Code

The Royal Enclosure is an area reserved exclusively for members and their guests and has a very strict, formal morning suit dress code.

Royal Ascot Enclosure – Dress For Gentlemen

Gentlemen are advised by Royal Ascot to wear:

Morning suit jacket of either grey, black or navy

Striped morning suit trousers or a colour that matches their morning suit jacket

Waistcoat and tie

Black or grey top hat

Black shoes, worn with socks

How to get it Right

The key is to Royal Ascot Enclosure dress code is to keep it classic.  This is not the occasion to push the fashion boundaries and experiment!  To avoid embarrassment, or even refusal of entry, our Royal Ascot enclosure morning suit advice is:

Strictly no cravats– Royal Ascot isn’t a Bridgerton ball!

The official website says ties can be ‘playful’ – our advice is to keep your tie as classic and simple as possible.  Perhaps matching it with your partners dress.

Customisation of top hats inside the Royal Enclosure is not permitted.

Avoid wearing a short sleeve shirt – you will not be allowed to remove your morning suit jacket.

Stick to a simple black leather Oxford shoe and avoid patterned brogues and patent.

How to Stand Out From the crowd

Royal Ascot is all about understated elegance. Our best piece of advice is to get a high quality well-fitting suit. Our Balmoral luxury morning suit will be like no other you have worn. It is perfect for Ascot Royal Enclosure because: –

It’s made from a lightweight, 100% Italian wool fabric that’s cool to wear in June.

The slim fit cut nips in at the waist, accentuating your shoulders.

Is available to hire with a range of classic single and double breasted waistcoats.

Comes with a high quality top hat.

Will be expertly fitted by our personal tailors to create an elegant look that meets the Royal Ascot gentlemen’s dress code.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like some help with Ascot Royal Enclosure morning suit dress code.  We have a limited number of morning suit hire available each June so please get in touch as soon as you can.

You can call on 01625536545 we’d love to help.