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Tailored Suits: Why We’re The Number One Choice

Added 6 years ago

Tailored Suits: Why We’re The Number One Choice

A happy bride and groom pose in front of a brick wall, with the groom wearing a maroon suit.

Creating a beautiful, bespoke suit takes much more than choosing a cloth and having your measurements taken. In this blog, we reveal the thought process that goes into creating our tailored suits and why we’re the number one choice for so many customers.

Whitfield & Ward is a family business, with over 6 years’ experience, helping thousands of grooms create and coordinate bespoke suits for their big day! With our modern approach to tailoring, we break with tradition and work with you to create a suit that you’ll love and be proud to wear again and again!

At Whitfield & Ward, we adopt a very relaxed approach and don’t dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear. Instead, we provide gentle guidance on fabric types and suit styles that will flatter your shape and enhance your features. Our aim is simple: to create a suit that is both contemporary and timeless, but also one that reflects your individual style and personality.

So, where does the process start? With you. First we’ll listen to your thoughts and ideas, starting with how your suit will be worn and where, along with the fit and style you require. The key to designing a great suit that will stand the test of time, lies in its wearability and how often you can pull it out your wardrobe. If your suit is for the office, we’ll help you to design something that will give you confidence in the workplace and be with you for much of your career. We’ll help you to balance current fashion with functionality and recommend a fabric that is durable enough for everyday wear.

Close up shot of the personalisation of a suit jacket collar.

If your suit is for your wedding, we’ll consider factors such as the venue and season, which will allow us to create something that not only reflects your vision, but the overall theme of your special day. Having created wedding suits for many years, our experience goes far beyond tailoring. Our strong relationship with all premier venues across the North West – each of whom we visit on a regular basis – means that we can craft something that will compliment your venue and it’s level of formality.

We understand that creating a bespoke suit is often a new experience, which is why we’ll guide you through each step of the design process from start to finish. During your consultation, you won’t just be shown sketches and fabric books. Instead, we offer a full-size range for you to try on so we can bring your ideas to life! We’ll also take you through every aspect of the design, including your sleeve length, lapel width, and pocket depth, so that each element is left entirely to your interpretation.

A model fixes the cuff on his checked suit jacket.

Once your suit is complete and ready for your first fit, we’ll explore ties and accessories to finalise your look – after all, it’s the finer details that make a big difference!

When it comes to tailoring, we aim for nothing short of perfection. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you love your bespoke suit through and through. Whether it’s for work or a wedding, your first suit or your 10th, we can guarantee that you’ll feel like a million dollars!

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you create the suit of your dreams. Simply give us a call on 01625 536 545 to schedule an appointment.