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Why The Modern Groom Is Choosing To Go Bespoke

Added 6 years ago

Why The Modern Groom Is Choosing To Go Bespoke


Model looks off camera and wears a 3 piece suit with a matching checked suit jacket and waistcoat with dark trousers.

Traditionally, bespoke suiting has been more about substance than style, predominately chalk stripe suits bought by lawyers, bankers and business-types for their quality and fit. At Whitfield & Ward, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in bespoke tailoring over the last five years. With fewer men wearing suits to work, wedding attire has become one of the biggest drivers to invest in bespoke, which has had a huge creative impact on tailoring and has lead to a growth in specialist tailors, like ourselves. Fit and quality are no longer the sole reasons to go bespoke. Read on to see why more grooms are now choosing to buy their wedding suit.

1) To create a unique look

In an age where casual, streetwear dominates fashion, a wedding offers men a unique opportunity to express their individuality with formal wear. Modern grooms are no longer choosing a traditional morning suit and are now striving to wear something more adventurous than a tonal three-piece. The demand for contrasting colours, bold checks and tweeds, which can’t be bought off the peg, has prompted a growth in bespoke groom suits.

Detail shot of the personalised lining of a suit jacket.

2) Personalisation

Bespoke is all about the finer details, from the colour of your lining right down to the buttons and buttonholes. Unlike a business suit, a wedding suit offers an opportunity to express both your personality and what your wedding means to you. You can choose to incorporate your colour scheme in the stitching, lining and piping details or have a personal message embroidered into your jacket. All these details will add sentimental value to your suit and separate you from the crowd on your big day.

3) Fit

Even if you can get away with an off-the-peg suit, there is always something bespoke can improve on. Since there’s no such thing as a standardised, symmetrical body, bespoke will emphasise the best parts of your build. At Whitfield & Ward, we will create a garment to even out all personal quirks of stature and posture to transform your overall look and make you feel amazing.

A groom to be has his fitting at Whitfield and Ward.

4) Quality

More grooms are choosing to have a bespoke suit made as they are a great investment piece that will save them money in the long run. Unlike off-the-peg, a good quality bespoke suit offers longevity because of the way the canvas interlining is constructed. On a bespoke suit, this will be free-floating rather than fused into the garment, which will better mould to your body shape with wear. It is also more durable and will withstand the dry cleaning process better. At Whitfield & Ward, we’ll help you choose a classic design in a quality fabric so that you can pull it out of your wardrobe time and time again.

Close up shot of a patterned navy suit jacket with a mixed pattern tie and pocket square.

If you’re thinking about investing in a bespoke suit for your wedding, why not get in touch with us for a relaxed 1 hour appointment to explore your ideas and discuss some options? We’d love to help so give us a call on 01625 536 545 to schedule an appointment.