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Luxury Bespoke Tailoring

Make a statement on your wedding day in a Whitfield & Ward tailored bespoke suit. We'll help you express your personality through every detail, from the colour of your fabric and lining down to the width of your lapel.



Fabric Choices

The colour, texture and pattern of every garment in your suit can be individually selected from the leading UK & European cloth merchants. Whether you decide to go for a 3 piece suit in classic matching fabric or mix and match each garment we’ll guide you to find the perfect choice of fabric to flatter your colouring and build.



Bespoke Jacket Choices

Every element of the jacket design is up to you – lapel style and width, depth of opening and buttons, number and position of your pockets. Using our extensive range of sample jackets to try on, we can take you through each of the design options to help you create your vision and play up all your best features. You’d be amazed what a difference the slant of a pocket or width of lapel can make!



Bespoke Waistcoat Choices

You can choose any style - single or double breasted in a classic V shape or U shape opening. The shape and the depth of the opening can help elongate, shorten, narrow or widen the appearance of your chest. We’ll be on hand to show you what works for you and design the best style for your build.



Bespoke Trouser Choices

Tell us what you want! Skin tight, contoured to your leg or new season wider leg - we can design whatever you want. We can advise you on how to enhance your leg shape and help you choose the best style for your build. When your suit arrives, we’ll help you choose your leg length to meet your vision and flatter your shape.




These are the elements that tell everyone – you’re wearing a bespoke suit! We’ll help you to choose stylish piping and linings to create an individual garment that is personal to you The choice, colour and position of your buttons and buttons holes will elevate your jacket above off the peg – a mass produced garment just wont have this level of detail




The ultimate sign of a bespoke suit is personalised embroidery. You can add this inside your jacket and under the jacket collar fabric, which is called a Melton. You can choose your wedding date and names or personal messages and poems as a touching surprise for your bride.

What's next? What's next?

What's Next

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6-9 Months Before

Book Your First Consultation

You’ll try on some sample suits and begin to explore suit design and fabrics with us. Our aim is to give you an idea of your options and budget and demonstrate our experience and quality.

4-6 Months Before

Design and Measurements

Dressed in a sample suit, so you can visualise your ideas, we’ll take you through the design options for each garment. When the design is complete we’ll take full body measurements to create a perfect fit.

1 Month Before -

Fittings and collection

When your suit arrives, we’ll make any final adjustments you’d like. Dressed in your bespoke wedding suit, we can help you finalise your look with our exclusive range of ties and pocket squares.

“I loved designing my suit - the process was so easy and flowed organically.”

- Tom & Sophie
1 5

“Craig totally got what I had in mind and helped me create something wow!”

- Richard & Shelby
2 5

“Craig instantly put me at ease and understood what I wanted”

- Alex & Kat
3 5

“You guys were great at helping me to find the perfect fabric and texture of the tweed suit I picked”

- Joe & Becky
4 5

“We just loved all the personal details about our wedding that were designed into my suit”

- Jack & Kate
5 5

As approved stockist of the finest UK and European fabric merchants your choices are almost endless. Our tailors will skilfully guide you through fabric choice to create a bespoke suit unique to you.

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To ensure we give our customers our undivided attention we work on an appointment only basis.

Call us on 01625 536 545 or email contact@whitfieldandward.co.uk to make an appointment or fill in the form below.

To ensure we give our customers our undivided attention we work on an appointment only basis.

Call us on 01625 536 545 or email contact@whitfieldandward.co.uk to make an appointment or fill in the form below.