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Choosing a Bespoke Wedding Suit – The 101!

Added 2 years ago

A bespoke wedding suit is a custom made suit tailored specifically for you and should make you feel amazing on you wedding day. Here’s our tips for successfully choosing a bespoke wedding suit.

Choosing a bespoke wedding suit is often a new, once-in-a-lifetime experience so here’s some helpful tips on how to get it right!

What Is The Difference Between a Bespoke Wedding Suit And Off The Shelf?

A bespoke wedding suit is made from scratch, to your design and is created from your full body measurements. It’s not an off the shelf suit, altered to your size. It will be a high-quality, personalised garment, made from a quality natural fabric of your choice.

Why Should You Wear A Bespoke Wedding Suit?

bespoke wedding suit

Image courtesy of Shane Webber Photography.

A well-made bespoke wedding suit will be like no other suit you have bought or tried on. It will be designed to accentuate your best features and make you stand out from your groomsmen and wedding guests on the most important day of your life!

It will become a key investment piece in your wardrobe, if your tailor helps you design a bespoke suit that can take you from your wedding day, to work, to the weekend.

How To Find The Perfect Bespoke Wedding Suit

bespoke wedding suit

Here’s our key tips on choosing a bespoke suit.

  1. Start The Bespoke Suit Process Early

Choosing your bespoke wedding suit is something that should be enjoyed, not a last-minute rush job.  We recommend starting the process as early as 12 months before your wedding date. Popular weekends, especially Spring Summer weekends can become fully booked. A bespoke suit will take between 2-3 months to make but factor in an extra 3 months, for research and design appointments.

Read here for a detailed breakdown of the bespoke suit process.

  1. Do Some Basic Wedding Suit Research

Before you have your first appointment use Pinterest and Instagram to get an idea of what style of bespoke wedding suit you’d like to wear. The 3 key types of wedding suit are:

Read here for some inspiration and ideas.

Checking out images of your wedding venue and photographer should also give you lots of ideas too.

  1. Pick The Right Bespoke Tailor

bespoke tailor

Picking the right tailor who makes the process understandable and fun is the most important part of the bespoke suit process. Their role is to make it easier not more confusing!

A basic bit of research is all you should need to get started. The key is to find good bespoke suit tailor who can guide you on what looks good on you and what will work well in your venue.

Here’s some key things to look out for in your first bespoke suit appointment:

Try on Lots of Sample Bespoke Suits

Find somewhere that has lots of sample suits in different styles and colours to try on. Choosing from fabric books and a few images is so uninspiring and makes it hard to visualise! It’s so important to be able to see yourself in the mirror, in different colours and bespoke suit styles.

In your first Whitfield and Ward appointment we will get you to try on as many different sample bespoke suits as you want to help you see what works for you.

Understand your Bespoke Tailors Experience

Find out how long have they been making suits but more importantly their experience in wedding suits, business suiting is a very different area of expertise. Check their Instagram images and ask yourself is that your style?

Make Sure you Gel with you Bespoke Tailor

Do they get you and do you get on with them?  You’ll be spending a lot of time together and they’ll be making your bespoke wedding suit so it’s important.

Read here to meet Craig the Whitfield & Ward business owner who has made thousands of bespoke wedding suits.

bespoke tailor

  1. Coordinate Your Bespoke Suit with your Groomsmen

bespoke suit

Our advice is to coordinate your groomsmen once you’ve decide what you want to wear.  At Whitfield & Ward we offer a bespoke suit and hire suit service however there is no obligation to have both options from us and we will help you achieve a coordinated look.

If you decide to have hire suits from us for your groomsmen we will help you create a coordinated look across the party.  We can be really flexible with your choices and often wait until your bespoke suit has arrived to make those decisions.  Look here to see what’s available in our hire range.

And Finally …

At Whitfield & Ward, we’ll make choosing your bespoke suit a fun and enjoyable process and ensure that you’ll feel amazing wearing your bespoke suit on you wedding day.  To find out more about our fantastic range of bespoke and hire suits get in touch by email or call us on on 01625 536 545.