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White Dinner Suit – The Ultimate Groom Suit

Added 3 years ago

Dinner suits are such a popular choice for wedding suits and a white dinner suit is the perfect way to make the groom suit standout from his groomsmen. They add so much glamour and sophistication to a wedding, and will make the wearer look and feel great. Read on for our advice on how to nail this look!

Image capture by Richard Milnes Photography

A Bespoke Suit Option

A white dinner suit isn’t something you’ll be able to hire, it’s a wedding suit that will be made bespoke.  The great advantage of a bespoke suit is that you can create a wedding suit that’s totally unique to you and it will be designed to fit you perfectly! When choosing a bespoke tailor to work with our advice is to check out their work. Look at their Instagram feed and web site, a sleek modern look, as far away from the 1970’s, is what your looking for!

Image captured by Shane Webber Photography 

White Dinner Suit Design Options

At Whitfield & Ward we always recommend offsetting a white dinner jacket with black trousers.  We also love a waistcoat rather than a dated Cummerbund.  A waistcoat creates a much sleeker line between the shirt and trousers and when the groom removes his jacket, it will set him apart from the other guests. Again, we’d recommend a black waistcoat. We have helped hundreds of couples design their bespoke wedding suits and specialise in bespoke white dinner suits.  Read here to find out how we can help you design your bespoke wedding suit.

Your key to personalising this look is in the jacket details – as with all luxury items it’s all about the subtle details!

White dinner suits with contrasting shawl lapel. Image captured by Shane Webber Photography left and Lesley Meredith right

Choosing The Monochrome Effect

Where you add black and white elements is the key to personalising your white dinner suit.  You can add either black or white to your…

  • Jacket collar
  • Pocket piping
  • Buttons
  • Button holes

The other point of difference you can create is with the style of the collar.  A shawl lapel is featured in the images above.  Below is a white dinner suit with black peak lapel .

White dinner suit with black peak lapel. Image captured by Jonny Draper Photography


It’s the personal details that lets everyone know your wearing a bespoke suit, not something off the peg. You can personalise your suit with special dates, names and messages embroidered into the lining and under collar melton. We can even create a unique lining printed with your own design or special images.

David had a very special  message to Sarah embroidered into his under collar melton. Image capture by Richard Milnes Photography

Adam commissioned a bespoke lining for his white dinner suit, individually printed with an image of his engagement to Mandi. Image captured by Lesley Meredith

The Finishing Touches

All dinner suits need to be worn with a good quality dress shirt in our view! Opt for a full collar with double cuffs – no wing collar shirts please! Aside from looking like something from the 1990’s, a wing collar shirt should only be worn for a white tie dress code. If you really want to up the style stakes, we’d recommend a studded Marcella shirt, which we can tailor to fit you perfectly.

The most elegant way to finish your look is with a black bow tie, we offer a traditional size and an oversized Tom Ford style bow tie.  A patent dress shoe is also recommended – remember, no brogues or Oxfords! Take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Don’t Forget The Groomsmen!

Image captured by Shane Webber Photography 

At Whitfield & Ward we offer both bespoke and hire wedding suits so we can create a complementary look for your groomsmen. Our black Dorchester dinner suit from of hire suit range is available in three different cuts to suit everyone in your wedding party with a choice of waistcoat and trouser styles.

At Whitfield & Ward, we offer a combination of hire and bespoke dinner suits that will have you looking your absolute best on your wedding day. To find out more about our fantastic range of bespoke and hire  suits get in touch by email or call us on on 01625 536 545.