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London Fashion Week Men’s

Added 6 years ago

London Fashion Week Men’s – What’s Worth Knowing vs. What’s Not

2018 will see a nod to the past as brown tones emerge in various forms of menswear. Although camel, mustard, and beige notes are being rolled out boldly in the higher ends of fashion, you can flaunt this season’s palette without the worry of looking like a Burt Reynolds tribute. Here’s how:

Incorporate the brown hues into your accessories – think pocket squares, ties, shoes, and scarves

Wear your suit during playtime – ditch the shirt and slip on a roll neck

Camel coloured blazers will do wonders when paired with those jeans you’ve worn one too many times

Brown isn’t the only colour coming through; shades of red, including burgundy, are other colours to keep an eye out for when payday finally graces us

Richard Biedul in a camel blazer.

Richard Biedul LFWM 2018

Wide lapels are still a thing and by wide, we mean really wide. Unless you want a blazer you can wear for the next year before putting it back in the wardrobe for the next decade, I’d go easy on this look. Peak lapels can add a little more importance to your suit, but I think we’d all prefer suave over Scarface.

Peak lapels can be done smartly when cut a little slimmer. If it’s a suit that’s for something as important as your wedding, it’s best to bear this in mind if you don’t want your offsprings laughing at the attire you chose to wear in years to come.

Wear a lapel that suits your body shape – not what you see on TV. Many boxers are currently flaunting this trend, however, unless you have a chest Hercules would envy, I’d be a little cautious with the width.

Exceptions can be made. Double breasted blazers traditionally have a wider peak lapel, as does a tuxedo. These two staples should allow you to opt for a wider lapel regardless of height or build.

Man holding a coffee cup wearing a buttoned light grey checked suit with a black polo neck top and glasses.

Street Style LFWM 2018

Oversized and probably overpriced; this is the direction menswear has started leaning towards. But don’t go rummaging through your dad’s wardrobe just yet. The oversized trend works on a catwalk, but in reality you’ll need a little more of a socially acceptable take on this. Think ‘relaxed’ rather than oversized and use it to your advantage. A relaxed suit is better than a stuffy one.

Look at Henry Holland – he had Northern soul dancers in extreme baggy trousers dancing.

If going bespoke, opt for a relaxed, soft shoulder. This means less padding and a little more movement. Steer clear of a high roped, heavily padded shoulder. The international dictator look isn’t quite as on trend funnily enough.

Trousers don’t always have to be sprayed on to the point you pray you never need to bend down for anything in fear of the cloth giving in to your skin hugging garment. Instead of pretending the bottom shelf doesn’t exist, opt for a tailored look, without going skinny.

Model wearing a loose fitting silver suit on the catwalk.

E. Tautz LFWM 2018

You don’t need to be Scottish to wear a tartan print. It’s prominent in menswear right now and if it isn’t in your wardrobe, you should rethink your style choices ya wee dobber. Royal Stewart and Black Watch tartans are extremely wearable when done right and in a fun yet discreet way.

Play a one-piece rule with tartan. If you wear tartan trousers, go easy on the rest. If you wear a tartan scarf, go easy on the rest. If you wear a tartan shirt, oh you get it.

Tartan isn’t restricted to casual wear. Black Watch tartan can be used on trousers to be worn with a Tuxedo for a slightly more playful look on the black tie outfit. You can even opt for a Black Watch blazer if you really want to be the centre of attention and the best dressed man at the party. Just be prepared to be asked where in Scotland you grew up (leave the fake accents at home, maybe).

Tartan isn’t a type of fabric; it’s a pattern that can be used on softer wools if you’re worried about it being itchy. Or, you could go the other way and opt for a heavy duty cloth that’ll get you through winter if you’ve opted to hibernate your way through the colder months.

Model wearing a matching tartan print outfit of a shirt, jacket, and kilt.

Astrid Anderson LFWM 2018