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How To Master Morning Dress

Added 5 years ago

How to Master Morning Dress

Morning dress is the traditional choice for grooms on their wedding day. Here, we outline the typical dress code and share our tips on how to give your morning suit a contemporary twist.

Groom looking into the distance wearing a navy morning suit, tweed waistcoat and striped trousers

Firstly, what is a morning suit?

A morning suit features a long, formal jacket with tails, a waistcoat and striped trousers. The term, morning dress, originates from the mid 19th century and was only worn to daytime events before 6pm.

So, what are the rules for morning dress attire?

There are  traditional ‘rules’ around morning dress. However, we’ve also provided some tips on how to add those contemporary touches.

Morning Suit Jacket

The modern morning coat is single-breasted with peak lapels and a single button fastening curving back into tails. Traditionally, a black or grey matt morning coat is worn but navy has become a more popular choice for weddings.

In terms of fabric, we advise opting for a  herringbone as it will look a lot richer than a plain cloth. Our Balmoral morning suit is made from a fine, 320g herringbone cloth, which is nearly half the weight of a traditional morning coat! This means it can be worn on a hot day and is ideal for a spring/summer wedding.

Morning Suit Trousers

Trousers in classic grey or grey and black stripe are the tradition. However, a simple monochrome dogtooth or Prince of Wales check offers a fashionable and more youthful look.

Bride and groom holding hands as they walk out of church. Groom is wearing a navy morning coat

Morning Suit Waistcoat

Waistcoats are usually buff or grey and double or single-breasted. However, if you’d like to adopt a more contemporary style, consider a waistcoat with a fine check or windowpane design. For country barn style weddings, we’d recommend adding a textured tweed waistcoat, which will make your morning suit feel more relaxed.

When it comes to morning suit waistcoat etiquette, many people believe the bottom button should always be left undone. However, we feel this can look untidy, especially in wedding pictures. See our guide on how to wear to wear a waistcoat with style  

Groom and groomsmen wearing navy morning suits

Morning Suit Accessories

In our opinion, ties offer a much more sophisticated look than cravats and there are no restrictions on colour or pattern. In fact, a strong colour as opposed to a pale pink or ivory will always make a bigger impact and allow you to stand out. A tie pin and fob watch will add an extra flourish and complete your look. Finally, a black or grey top hat may be worn depending on the level of formality.

Make The Fit A Priority 

When worn correctly, morning dress  is the epitome of sartorial elegance and can add an extra layer of glamour to your big day. However, to avoid looking like you’re wearing a shapeless overcoat, it’s crucial to get the fit right. As men don’t often wear morning dress, it may be more ideal to hire your morning suit. Here at Whitfield & Ward, our Balmoral morning suit comes in four colours and is available to hire in three different cuts to ensure it fits like a glove! However, we also offer a bespoke tailoring service, should you wish to have your suit made.


Whether you’d like a formal or contemporary morning suit, we’d love to help you put your  look together and ensure you and your groomsmen get a fantastic fit. To find out more about our fantastic range of bespoke and hire  suits click here. If you’d like to arrange a personal styling appointment, give us a call on 01625 536 545.